is an American actor, singer, and flexible, flippable mover (fun fact: she was a tumbling cheerleader for 10 years)!

Analise is a New York gal through and through.

She is a Bronx, NYC native and a proud graduate of SUNY New Paltz, nestled in the beautiful Hudson Valley, where she achieved her Bachelor's Degree in Theatre Arts in addition to studying music and scenic art. 

She discovered an avid love for music and singing at an early age, but being a young, shy gal, she did not let this flag fly until midway through high school, where she auditioned for her first ever school musical and fell in love with acting and performing. She's been hooked ever since! 

Performing aside, she loves traveling, hiking, breathing in nature, just about every animal on the planet, and spending time with loved ones. She lives with her pals and her cat (and her queen), Sabine (aka Bean), in their Bronx apartment.